About the Show

Have you ever been anywhere near a crime scene or seen the images on television and wondered, what happened behind that yellow tape? No? Oh yes, you have! Because you were curious, right? Nothing wrong with that. We are curious beings. If we were not, we would never learn – anything. And behind that yellow tape, quite a lot happens, quite a lot goes on…

J.A. Lovelock is a Barrister-at-Law, an award-winning author, and an award-winning radio presenter. She has spent many years lecturing, training, examining, and adjudicating in the Criminal Justice and Legal System, but most importantly, she is a crime junkie.

Welcome to her Podcast – where she takes you Behind The Yellow Tape.

BTYTPODCAST – Behind The Yellow Tape – is a twice-monthly podcast covering crime and criminality. We will hear from the people involved in the Criminal Justice System in some way and those in-between. Think criminologists. Think blood pattern analysis. Think criminal profilers. And think also of those who caused the yellow tape to be erected in the first place. J.A. Lovelock will present episodes in an interview format and through the storytelling of legal cases in which the conclusion to some of these cases will interest, fascinate, and perhaps even shock the listener.

New episodes are published on Tuesdays and are available on all major podcast providers.