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Evil Stepmothers – Betty Eccles and Eliza Joyce (Part 1)

Fairy tales. Pantomines. Evil stepmothers. All part of the festive season entertainment. But evil stepmothers are not confined to the pages of fairy tales. No. They do exist. In real life. In this episode of Behind the Yellow Tape and forthcoming episodes, J.A. Lovelock considers the cases of four stepmothers who treated their stepchildren very badly with dire and grave consequences.


About the Show

Have you ever been anywhere near a crime scene or seen the images on television and wondered, what happened behind that yellow tape? No? Oh yes, you have! Because you were curious, right? Nothing wrong with that. We are curious beings. If we were not, we would never learn – anything. And behind that yellow tape, quite a lot happens, quite a lot goes on…

Welcome to Behind The Yellow Tape.

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The Creator and Producer

J.A. Lovelock is a Barrister-at-Law, an award-winning author, and an award-winning radio presenter. She has spent many years lecturing, training, examining, and adjudicating in the Criminal Justice and Legal System, but most importantly, she is a crime junkie.